Don't just endure retirement, ENJOY it!

Reitrement Evolution

Retirement Evolution was created for the benefit of the Investor. The model has been created to secure fixed returns, principal protection, and an upfront load everyone can be happy with. Begin with fees, investors want to make money and want to know how much that is going to cost. The fees are only 1.7% for each of the first three years. You know up front how much you will pay, either out of pocket or from your investment. For continued excellent managing your account, a low $10 per month administrative fee is being charged.


Freedom to choose how interest is credited is important for our investors. Beginning after the 3rd anniversary, Investors can elect to take their interest in the form of a paycheck, a percentage portion up to 6% interest credited. Once an investor elects to take a portion of interest as a paycheck, the interest growth stops and a protected principal value will be locked in. Paycheck values are based off the previous year’s balance and the election up to 6% of the value taken before the 8th anniversary.

Principal Protection

For the protection of all Investors, a vesting period was created. The vesting period is satisfied after the sixth anniversary date. If, for example, interest is sent to an Investor in for form of an evolution distribution after the third anniversary but before the sixth anniversary, and the investor is looking to withdraw all funds, then the distribution value will be considered part of the principal investment. The value or the original investment, less fees, will be returned to the Investor.


For long term investors, there is an added benefit to remain in the investment without electing to take evolution distribution. An account will continue to earn 6% compound interest until an evolution distribution is elected or an account owner passes away.

Mission Statement

Americans for Life specializes in the management of fixed income alternative investments for pension plans, institutional investors, & accredited investors. Through the investor efforts and business relationships, Americans for Life can continue to bring information and alternative fixed asset return products to the forefront of the industry.