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Finding the Right Financial Services Company to Work With

Updated: May 17, 2021

Finding the right retirement services company to work with can be a difficult task no matter how large or small your retirement account is. You need to find someone who is ethical, knowledgeable, and can help you grow your

account for years to come. Most importantly, you need to find a team of professionals you can trust. You are hiring a company to handle your money with your best interest first.

How will you know that you’ve found your financial services company? Consider the following four factors when meeting with financial service providers.

Communication: Communication is important with any professional with whom you choose to work. How often do you expect your financial company to communicate with you? Once a year? Twice?

How can you reach them if they are not in your local area? Some people enjoy a more traditional way of communicating, while others are familiar with changing times. As technology continues to develop, communication tools such as Zoom allow for face-to-face convenience for individuals who cannot come into the office. Whatever technology is being used by your financial professional, communicating is the key to customer service. It is important to stay connected with updates throughout the year, whether they come through phone calls, emails, or even video messages.

Trust: When it comes to your money, you should find a company that shares your philosophy and can execute a plan to reach your goals. Are you an aggressive investor looking to take on more risk for higher returns or do you have a more conservative mindset looking to protect your principal with slow and steady growth? You should have a meeting to learn about the company before signing any paperwork to invest. If you’re not fully confident in the company’s philosophy and the information they present, there might be someone better for you to work with. You should have trust in the company you decide to work with because they may be helping you grow your retirement savings for decades to come.

Fees: The financial industry is maintained by the fees taken from clients’ accounts. Just like paying a doctor for help with your healthcare needs, financial advisors are needed to keep your finances in good health. You should know how much it is going to cost for a company to manage your money. Many financial companies offer managed retirement accounts with annual fees, costing 1% per year or more. As your account value compounds, so do the fees being charged on your money. A fee of one point over a 30-year period could reduce your retirement savings by almost one-third. That could be the difference between enjoying retirement or extending your working years. You are hiring a company to help you reach your financial goals, so it’s smart to learn how their fees structure will affect you and your money.

Experience:  It is important to hire someone with expertise in the financial industry. A captive agent working for Prudential would have a great deal of knowledge in their company products, but you may not get the same options of products available across the market. Your financial company should have information about a range of products to meet your goals. Never hesitate to ask questions about the experience of the company you decide to work with.

Have you struggled to find a financial service company that has the expertise, fee structure, reliability, and communication skills you’re looking for? Americans For Life Financial Services is ready to address these concerns. Please contact us today by phone 860-222-0976 or email for more information. We are committed to offering our experience and financial services to clients as we grow our business together. We offer services to contribute to retirement savings, realize a dependable rate of return, and offer retirement income solutions for peace of mind.

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