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Alternative Investments

Alternative Investment Solutions

When you focus your investment strategy on stocks and bonds, you’re exposing yourself to the risks of a down market. While high risk can yield a high reward, there’s also a possibility that you’ll lose money or time, or fail to grow your investment at the rate you expected. That’s why Americans for Life recommends adding alternative investments to your portfolio.


As retirement planning advisors, we’ve seen how alternative investments give our clients a dependable means of growing their wealth over time. Alternative investment strategies can help you establish the financial stability you need to enjoy your retirement rather than just endure it. We’d love to meet with you to help you find the right alternative investment solutions.

Benefits of Alternative Investment Strategies

You don’t have to be an experienced or high net-worth investor to benefit from our alternative investment services. Investors of all experience levels are discovering that alternative investments provide:

  • No market risk: Alternative investments aren’t tied to the stock market, so you don’t have to constantly worry about national and global events impacting your return.
  • Portfolio diversification: Most financial advisors recommend diversifying your investment portfolio to help mitigate its volatility. When you add alternative investments to your portfolio, you help protect your assets in the event of a down market.  
  • Dependable returns: Alternative investments are a great strategy for conservative investors who would rather see a dependable and reasonable rate of return on their money than go after risky stocks and bonds. Americans for Life currently offers alternative investments with a target return of 6-10%.
  • No lost time: As many investors discovered in 2008, a market downturn can mean the loss of years’ worth of investment growth. With alternative investments, you can expect a stable rate of return and no wasted time.
  • Peace of mind: When you make alternative investments through Americans for Life, you don’t have to watch the market constantly. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re steadily growing your retirement income.

Make Americans for Life Your Alternative Investment Management Firm

An alternative investment is a no-stress, defensive tool to grow your wealth over a long period. If you’ve never thought about alternative investment strategies, now is the time to talk to a financial management professional.

Don’t let your entire retirement investing strategy rest on the caprices of the stock market. Schedule a meeting with Americans for Life to learn how you can benefit from our alternative investment solutions.

At Americans for Life, our goal is to help you retire happily. We’ll walk you through your investment opportunities and the return you can expect. You can even estimate your return using our alternative investment calculator.

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