Don't just endure retirement, ENJOY it!

Things To Do Before You Retire …and during retirement too

Determine your retirement

You must be realistic. How much of a lifestyle change will you need to implement? Too many retirees underestimate their true cost of living without a paycheck. Keep a full expense report at least 6 months prior to retiring.

What are your retirement debt expenses?

The lower the better as you approach retirement. Entering retirement debt free will allow you to enjoy retirement instead of just enduring it. Have money to enjoy your GO years.

Are you protected against a large crash in the market?

Having a crash in the beginning years of retirement will be devastating to a retirement plan. A large loss in your retirement investments early on will put significant pressure on your future retirement plans and income.

Develop a realistic retirement income plan

Know that each year you age, a higher percentage of your assets should absolutely be protected in fixed income. You must be proactive.

A minimum of two sources of income is highly recommended

One source is not enough to protect you from the pitfalls in life. Time and time again retirees liquidate an investment to cover an unforeseen life issue. That investment is now gone forever never producing future income.

Review all insurance coverages

Health, Medicare options, Life, Home &Auto. Medicare, Home and Auto Insurances should be reviewed and sent out to completive companies annually for quotes. Current or new life insurance should be discussed with a professional – someone with experience – not the internet

Know when and how to apply for Social Security

A mistake could cost you many dollars in the future income

Review wills, trust, beneficiaries, powers of attorney

A must to make sure your health decisions are controlled by a person you trust and will follow your wishes. Also, that your assets get to the right family members and not to the State.

Always have an emergency fund

Unexpected costs can happen quickly. A buffer will ensure that you avoid using assets earmarked for income or growth. Setting aside 3 to 6 months’ worth of expenses is recommended.

Never take risks with your savings in the Stock Market

You can not make this money again – remember you are retired. The decisions you make today will have a positive or negative effect on your retirement plan later on. How you prepare yourself will determine the outcome.

When liquidating an investment – know the tax implications

Ask questions of a qualified tax professional no matter how simple the question might seem.

Don’t go broke spending your future retirement on your kids

Again, you are no longer working and your assets took many years to acquire.

Mission Statement

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