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The Introduction

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MJ: Hey Everybody, welcome to our video series project with Nicole Barillaro. We are here to provide you guys with information moving forward, on a number of great topics.

MJ: I am a licensed insurance agent in the state of CT since 2010 and since expanded to a number of other states, as some of my clients have retired and moved out of CT. I have also opened my practice to offer Medicare Supplements to people who are 65 and older, retirement planning and we also offer our own investment funds.

In my free time I am a lacrosse coach in Bristol at Bristol Center High School and I also volunteer for Ally G’s Everyday Angel’s Foundation in which I am the treasurer and that’s located in Southington.

Nicole: I am an attorney for GCGH Law in Hamden, CT. I am licensed to practice in both Connecticut and New York.  I focus my practice mainly on estate planning and probate. I work with families and individuals to craft comprehensive estate plans to protect their assets and their loved ones, in the event of an injury or loss. I also help families to probate the estates of loved ones after a death and represent fiduciaries in their duties with the court.

I my free time I volunteer on the board of directors of the Woman and Families Center, here in CT.

MJ: Nicole and I got together through a colleague of ours, but you can see how important it is for a financial planner and an estate planning attorney to work together to create a proper financial plan and retirement plan for you out there.

Nicole: Absolutely, by working together it’s really a holistic approach to planning and we can custom draft plans, financial and estate plans, for each client’s unique situation. Coming up next, we are going to be talking about Life Insurance, so be sure to stay tuned for our next video.

MJ: If you have any questions you can contact us in the comment section below.

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