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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I contact the office?

Our office is open from 9 am – 5 pm (EST) Monday thru Friday.

Walk-ins to the office are welcomed, however schedule an appointment is always the best option.

Our offices can be reach locally (860) 426 – 2022

51 North main St., Ste 2A, Southington, CT 06489


How can we work together if I am outside Connecticut?

We based in Southington, CT. However, we work with clients in many states with the help of advancing technologies in digital communication. Through years of research and development, we offer ways to have continued communication during the digital age. Some services provided include secured document sharing, video conferencing and a response rate within 24 hours.


What type of clients do you work with?

We are currently working with a wide range of clients who are at different stages of their retirement. Due to the number of investments and services offered, we have the ability to help those just getting started with saving for retirement, experienced investors looking for continued growth of their invested assets, and those individuals currently retired looking to supplement their income. Some investors we work with are accredited, but it is not a requirement for working with us. We view the $5,000 inventor the same as the one’s who invest millions, with an approach to meet the clients needs. 


Why should I use you?

Your retirement goals are our priority. Our company has over 15 years of collective experience in the insurance and financial industry. We have helped many clients achieve their goals and reach retirement with comfort knowing where their retirement income is coming from and how much they will be receiving to supplement their income. Our financial planning techniques are not standard in the industry, which is why our clients enjoy reasonable returns and are not forced to watch their assets rise and fall with the markets.

Life Insurance

Which type of insurance is right for me?

Everyone with liabilities should have life insurance in one form or another. The financial burden left behind for some could be devastating with student loan or mortgage debt. In addition to the financial obligation, some may have a continued need once debt is paid. Term insurance may be the right option if your looking for an inexpensive option for death benefit coverage. If you have the income to fund a permanent policy, cash value may be more attractive for future living needs. Whatever your life insurance need, we have the policy which is right for you.

Life Insurance

How to determine the correct amount of life insurance?

To determine your life insurance need, we require a conversation about your current and future financial obligation. What is your immediate need to cover daily expenses left behind to your family? These could be the mortgage expense, taxes, or food on the table. Looking ahead to future expenses, you may want your life insurance policy to help supplement your retirement income. For us to help you get this question answered we would need to know your current income, debt obligations, and lifestyle. We know the information could be confusing, which is why it is always your best option to speak with a qualified insurance professional.

Life Insurance

Does it make sense to replace my policy?

Before you decide to replace your policy, there are a few things to think about. Older policies may have outdated mortality tabled and do not have features of newer policies such as indexed linked cash accumulation, however your individual situation may have changed since your current policy was purchased. If your health situation has changed, the cost of insurance may increase, which would not save you money. You would also be subject to a new contestability period when purchasing new life insurance. Some policies do allow for the transfer of cash value from one to another.

Before a policy is replaced we always determine the need for life insurance. We also follow through with a medical exam to determine the health rating of the insured. We will ensure that your replacement policy is better suited to meet your need before any existing policy terminated.

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