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IMPORTANT: The alternative investment calculator is an illustration tool.

This calculator is for information and illustrative purposes only. Results are subject to change due to management fees and point of withdrawal elections. This calculator is not intended to serve as the primary or sole basis for your investment or tax-planning decisions. This information is not an offer to sell and you should make your own independent decision with respect to the material provided herein, that you, upon consideration, will make your own independent decision with respect to any course of action in connection herewith and as to whether such course of action is appropriate or proper based on your own judgment, and that you are capable of understanding and assessing the risks involved with investing.

Such an offer, if made, will be made to qualified/accredited investors solely by way of the offering documents and only in jurisdictions in which such an offer would be lawful. You must make your own determination that your own investment is specific to your investment objectives.

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