Don't just endure retirement, ENJOY it!

Retirement Evolution Calculator

Americans for Life is proud to bring to you a financial illustration tool unlike any other. The Retirement Evolution Calculator allows you to view outcomes based on the information you provide. Would you like to see how to protect your principal and live off the interest? How about create your own pension like paycheck? This illustration tool can help show you how fixed returns will help your financial future.

Your Initial Investment


Alternative Investments

Our team of experts have found a few very exciting investments which Americans For Life is proud to partner with. Fixed asset accumulation is an important part of every retirement portfolio. These companies have developed specific products to fit clients needs.

Retirement Evolution

For accredited Investors only.
Your retirement planning just became a whole lot easier. Retirement Evolution has been created to secure fixed returns, principal protection, and an upfront load everyone can be happy with.


Family Life Benefit – The key to obtaining your life policies

For those with significant health issues, Family Life Benefit was created to provide death benefit alternatives for uninsuranable clients. Living benefit, Family security


Legacy Plan

For accredited investors only. How will you maintain a consistent income stream without depleting your principal? Infinite Legacy has the ability to help you live your final years in comfort, without giving your investments away in the process.

Things To Do Before You Retire …And During Retirement Too

Determine your retirement

You must be realistic. How much of a lifestyle change will you need to implement? To many retirees under estimate their true cost of living without a paycheck. Keep a full expense report at least 6 months prior to retiring.

What is your retirement debt expenses?

The lower the better as you approach retirement. Entering retirement debt free with allow you to enjoy retirement instead of just enduring it. Have money to enjoy your GO years.

Are you protected against a large crash in the market?

Having a crash practically in the beginning years of retirement will be devastating to a retirement plan. A large loss in your retirement investment early on in retirement will put significant pressure on your future retirement plan and income

Develop a realistic retirement income plan

Know that each year you age, a higher percentage of your assets should absolutely be protected in fixed income. You must be proactive.

Mission Statement

Americans for Life specializes in the management of fixed income alternative investments for pension plans, institutional investors, & accredited investors. Through the investor efforts and business relationships, Americans for Life can continue to bring information and alternative fixed asset return products to the forefront of the industry.