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Alternative Investment Calculator

Americans for Life Financial Services is proud to bring to you a financial illustration tool unlike any other. The Alternative Investment Calculator allows you to view outcomes based on the information you provide. Would you like to see how to protect your principal and live off the interest? How about creating your own pension like paycheck? This illustration tool can help show you how fixed returns will help your financial future.

Your Initial Investment


Fixed asset accumulation is an important part of every retirement portfolio. These investment options provide an attractive solutions to your retirement need.


Fund Management

Qualified and Non- qualified fund management. We specialize in getting your old 401(k) plans moved into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and working for you.


Life Insurance

A very old solution for an age old problem. Most know the benefits of owning life insurance in case of an emergency, but some policies help financially while an individual is still living.


Alternative Investments

Many are not made aware of investments with safe, dependable returns, without market risk. We will provide you with an education on how these investments will help you reach your goals.

We are now offering travel insurance through Allianz Travel

Things To Do Before You Retire …And During Retirement Too

Determine your retirement lifestyle

You must be realistic. How much of a lifestyle change will you need to implement? To many retirees under estimate their true cost of living without a paycheck. Keep a full expense report at least 6 months prior to retiring.

What is your retirement debt expenses?

The lower the better as you approach retirement. Entering retirement debt free will allow you to enjoy retirement instead of just enduring it. Have money to enjoy your GO years.

Are you protected against a large crash in the market?

Having a crash practically in the beginning years of retirement will be devastating to a retirement plan. A large loss in your retirement investment early on in retirement will put significant pressure on your future retirement plan and income

Develop a realistic retirement income plan

Know that each year you age, a higher percentage of your assets should absolutely be protected in fixed income. You must be proactive.

Mission Statement

Americans for Life Financial Services offers retirement solutions for institutional investors and individuals. Knowledge and results help our clients make informed decisions to meet their financial goals. 

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